Apricity – The Warmth of The Winter Sun

An Old Word

Apricity is a word currently floating around Instagram. It means the warmth of the winter sun.

Apricity was first used in the 1600s, but hasn’t been used much in modern language. However, rather wonderfully, it is having a resurgence and really does sum up the weather of late in such a lovely way.

Apricity – Collins Dictionary

It certainly has been cold but sunny here in Devon.  My favourite type of weather, well at the moment anyway. It reminds you that spring is around the corner. Despite still being in the depths of winter.

The New Season

At this time of year, after a few months off from the yurts – we start to think about the glamping side of the business again. There is always a lot to prepare and sort.  Bookings are flowing in and we are excited to get going again.

That said, we are wondering about evolving the business – shaking things up a bit. But that news will come in time, once we have really decided on what we are going to do. Watch this space!

In the meantime we have a lot to do. Firstly, we have to clear up the wood in the orchard after we (the royal we – this year Nick had some help from a guy in the village) pruned the apple trees. I need to re enamel the baths in the tubhouse. Then we need to oil the yurt frames and generally sort the grounds out.

At the moment we have some local sheep in the meadows, which is always lovely for our winter cottage guests. They are the best grass cutters and fertilise the soil well.

In other news the snowdrops are in bloom, which is so lovely to see. I always think of this time of year as false spring, as anything can happen in the next few weeks.  More snow, lots of frosts, rain.  Plus some sun, oh the allure of apricity despite the cold – always so lovely.

Maddy said on a dog walk the other day “I love this weather it is so sunny even though it is cold, it makes me happy”. It was lovely to hear that the sun was making her happy.  How lucky are we to live here and wonder around appreciating the day.

We are looking forward to this year and what it brings and can’t wait to welcome our guests.