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Badminton Fun


We are always looking to evolve here at The Orchard Retreat, working not only on providing luxurious accommodation, but also on improving the guest experience.  So this years addition is a badminton court.

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Having thought about it for a while, we put our plan into action in April and created an area for badminton, which can also be used for volley ball. Well, that was before our volley ball was lobbed into the bushes by some excited children during the first two minutes of them being here, so funny.  If we are honest with ourselves, who hasn’t kicked or thrown a ball that bit too hard and watched it fly off into the distance never to be seen again?  My hand is up! We will replace it and the original is bound to turn up in the winter when the leaves die back…

Anyway, we all love some outdoor recreation whilst on holiday don’t we?  Ok so don’t answer that, as there as definitely some of us who prefer the utter relaxation side of things.  But still, most guests gravitate straight there (now it has been built) and are loving it.

The Build

Once we had decided on size and where it will be located, we begin the build.

dumper; digger; equipment; badminton

We drafted in the help of our local builder and friend to come and dig out the base and assist with the works.  Digger driving hasn’t quite been added to our list of skills just yet.  Looks fun though.

As usual Moon Dog was on hand to check everything was in order and it just took a couple of days to complete.  We are so delighted with the results – it looks great and we even added a base for our table tennis table.  No more muddy patches of grass, just fun for all.  Yay!



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