How to Light and Use the Pizza Oven

Ideally the pizza oven needs to be lit and tended to for about 3 hours before cooking – to ensure the optimum temperature of approximately 450 degrees C is achieved. This will give you enough time to make your pizza dough or have a drink (or both), depending on which way you roll!

(Please note the door only needs to be in place when cooking, so during the preheating process this can be left off as the entrance height to top of the dome ratio, is what keeps the air circulating and the fire burning nicely!)


Please ensure your safety by using the gloves & tools provided when using the oven. As with any fire, the pizza oven will be extremely hot from start to finish (including the metal liners in the entrance) so great care must be taken at all times. Please do not leave children unsupervised and ensure you have read and understood the following instructions fully before you start. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to let us know.

  1. To start, place one or two firelighters and some kindling in the middle of the oven (beyond the entrance) and light them – once this has got going (around 5 minutes), you can add some bigger pieces of wood. After this, the burning slows down a bit as the bigger pieces of wood take longer to burn.
  2. Check the oven regularly and as you start to see a nice bed of embers on the floor, slowly add the larger logs over the next couple of hours.
  3. Once you think the oven is ready, test the temperature using the laser thermometer provided – point the thermometer at the floor in the centre of the oven to get a reading. If the oven isn’t quite hot enough then add another log and let that burn down. Please be aware that the oven will be extremely hot at this point!
  4. Once the oven is at about the right temperature (450 degrees C), use the poker to push the embers from the middle of the oven to the back whilst wearing the gloves provided, making sure there is enough space for the pizza paddle.

You are now ready to cook your pizzas:

  1. Oil or sprinkle some flour on the pizza paddle before you put your pizza on it, so it doesn’t stick and then push the pizza into the oven using the paddle and then remove the paddle leaving the pizza inside the oven.
  2. Put the door on and hold it there for only about 2 minutes, then remove the door, take the paddle, push it into the oven and take out the pizza – if you feel that it needs further cooking at this point, please take the pizza out using the paddle and carefully turn it, taking care not to burn yourself, before placing it back into the oven. When the pizza is ready remove it using the paddle and enjoy!
  3. The heat from oven will start to go down over a couple of hours, so the pizzas will take from 2 minutes at the start to 5 minutes later on.

How to Light a Wood Burner

How to Light a Wood Burner

1.    Making sure the air vents are fully open, light the stove using the matches, fire lighters and dry kindling provided.

2.    When the fire is going well, add some bigger logs but do not totally fill the burner – you want to make sure there is good spacing around and between the logs. When these are burning well you can shut down the air a little!

3.    Do not turn the stove down for the night, let fire burn out!

4.    You don’t need to remove the ashes from the bottom of the burner, we will do this from time to time, as these make a good bed for the fire.

5.    We hope you enjoy the added warmth of the wood burners but please use them responsibly.