The Hidden Tubhouse at The Orchard Retreat

The Hidden Tubhouse

With two cast iron baths and a shower, The Hidden Tubhouse is The Orchard Retreat’s version of a glamorous hot tub. Whether you want a refreshing shower, to bath the children or have a romantic soak, this is certainly something to try during your stay.

Something Special

Having planned to add something extra special for our guests for a while, we came up with the idea of an outdoor bathroom.  Nestled in a small wooded area by the stream, The Hidden Tubhouse really does add to the glamping and holiday experience. Being open air you can run a lovely hot bath and relax in utter comfort, whilst sky gazing from the tub. Perfect!

From concept to design, it was such a fun process. Working with a talented local friend, we went through a number of design ideas until the final shape was agreed. Crafted in a beautiful hexagonal shape, it feels spacious yet private.  The tubhouse was built using locally sourced Douglas fir giving it a beautiful finish that will only get better with age.


On behalf of all our guests we have tested the tubhouse (well who wouldn’t) and it is just lovely. The birds were singing and the gentle babbling of the nearby stream, combined with the open view of the sky and trees made for a wonderfully tranquil experience.  Family bath time will never be the same again. Have your dressing gown and flip flops at the ready to sample this new delight!


Tubhouse Rules

Of course there are some tubhouse rules.  Please use earth friendly products only, be mindful of other guests who may be waiting their turn and children must always be supervised. But more importantly, have fun, relax and enjoy the view!

Check Availability

All you have to do is book your stay.  Check availability via our website or call us directly and we can help you book your dream getaway.  The tubhouse is then free to use during your stay – we look forward to seeing you soon.