pippin night


Gosh, what a year ALREADY! As we said goodbye to 2020, I don’t think any of us expected to be out of woods in terms of the dreaded virus. I guess we were even expecting another lockdown after the Christmas period. But wow, nearly a year of this and it still feels so bleak.

But, I am clinging to the fact that this feels like the darkness before the dawn, now the vaccine is in the mix.  Let’s hope, as many of us embark on home schooling again, or are once again confined to solitude if you live alone, that they roll out the vaccine quickly.  It certainly does appear that way so far, which is great, as it’s awful to think of so many people and children being adversely affected by all of this.

Closed Once Again

For us, the lockdown has meant closing our doors once again.  Our lovely Cider Barn Christmas guest (who is hoping to move to Devon) was having an extended break to get to know the area, had to leave early.  Which was so sad. We also had to cancel our New Year guests in Apple Tree Cottage. Plus turn down all the others hoping for a winter break to book. Boo.

But we will get there and feel so fortunate to have so far avoided COVID and feel for all of those who have lost loved ones due to this awful disease.

Sanctuary At The Orchard Retreat

But we are so pleased to be able to offer a safe and wonderful sanctuary when this is all over.  Currently we are very excited to be having new roofs made for the yurts.  They are going to look super smart and lovely. Yay. Plus we are going to have a covered area over the decking of the facilities lodge. This will give the building an outside inside vibe. Perfect for those rainy days!

So things are moving forward despite being closed. We just can’t wait to be back in operation, welcoming you all again.


We have so many bookings for Spring 2021 already, which is brilliant.  I can’t wait for sunnier days and to have guests milling around once again. Please do get in touch if you are looking to have a change of scene and I can book you in.


Take care all and stay safe – so looking forward to seeing you soon!