Feeling the Love


As the first signs of life start to appear here at The Orchard Retreat and with Valentine’s Day having just been and gone – we are really feeling the love for the spring and much anticipation as we head towards our launch date.

The weather has been ‘interesting’, as I am sure most of you around the UK can vouch for, but it hasn’t dampened our spirits – excuse the pun!  Mud mud glorious mud, there really is nothing quite like it…and with a passion for the great outdoors and a sense of adventure what is not to like?  After all, that is what holidays are about, sun, sea and rain.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?!

Each day we are one step closer to completion of the build and so, one step closer to opening.  The Facilities Lodge is finally having the wood cladding put on and the inside is about to be plastered, the bathrooms have arrived and we are currently painting Apple Tree Cottage inside and out.  It’s all starting to take shape and as we finalise the fixtures and fittings I am thinking of decamping to one of the cottages or a yurt as they are just so nice – not that I don’t love our house but thinking of staying a couple of nights in each when they are ready, just for fun and also will be a good opportunity to ensure that everything is perfect.

We can almost taste the start of something wonderful and as I have said before we can’t wait to share it.  Not long now…