Keeping Positive In This Strange New World

Keeping Positive

In the last six weeks we have all experienced something completely unprecedented – a global pandemic.

While our heroic NHS (click to donate) staff and other vital key workers keep our country from seizing up completely – we all have to stay at home, in lockdown, feeling a little lost, helpless and worried. Our hearts go out to those affected by the corona virus, we have been thinking of everyone.

So how do we remain positive during this difficult time? I mean, that is quite the question.  Being isolated from our families and friends, trying to work from home (if we are able) and homeschooling (if we are fortunate enough to have children) have posed a number of challenges.  All while incomes dwindle and we seemingly have nothing to look forward to (for now).  But brighter days will come.

Small Businesses

For us, as a small business, this should be one of our busiest times and it has been an enormous adjustment to not have any guests around.  The first time since we opened seven years ago. Having to navigate the cancellations, ensuring our guests don’t lose out financially, whilst juggling our cash flow has caused great anxiety.

But we have remained pragmatic – we’ve had to.  For us, that has entailed keeping busy.  Completing jobs we don’t normally have time to do and making sure everything here is in order. Our guests have been amazing.  Most have postponed their stays rather than cancel.  A real show of loyalty and a want to return, which is lovely.  This has defiantly been a positive for us.

Take Stock

This time has given us the chance to take stock and reflect.  I can’t say I have learnt any new skills during this time, although I have planted seeds and they have grown – win!

But what we have learnt, is that we are so we are so fortunate to live where we do, to be together and that we are safe and well.  All things to be happy about and for that we are so grateful.

But more than that, we are so pleased to be able to offer a lovely sanctuary to our guests when this is all over.

So with all that in mind, whatever you can do to keep happy, stay sane and get through this, know we are in this together and despite our varying circumstances, what a much needed leveller that is!

We are proud of our NHS staff and key workers and after all of this, we will be here, waiting to offer some much needed escapism when the lockdown eases and we can travel around more freely.

Staying Safe

Stay safe, stay well – do whatever is needed to get through this.  Here’s hoping for some positive news from the government on Sunday – as long as the time is right and the data allows for some lifting of restrictions, we will be ready and waiting for your return.  Fingers crossed for sooner rather than later.

Much love to you all

Vicky and Nick