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Welcoming the Yurts

Walking through the orchard never stops being a lovely experience, seeing the apple trees at different times of the year is so wonderful, but we couldn’t imagine how moved we would feel (despite our excitement of seeing our dream come to life) by the arrival of the yurts and how they have naturally integrated within the orchard.


Rich and Ashen of Green Device, who painstakingly handcrafted our yurts, are so passionate about their wellbeing and after explaining their individual characteristics, all three yurts began to take on their own personality.  Bramley feels like the matriarch of the group, sitting proudly at the top of the orchard looking over the other yurts.  Pippin, who although is the same size as the others, seems like the baby being carefully guarded on each side by Bramley and Russet, and Russet, well he’s just sitting comfortably taking it all in with a lovely outlook through the trees and down to the stream.  As well as their own unique position with further seclusion given by the surrounding apple trees, each also have their own individual style most easily seen from inside.  We just love the calm and tranquillity they bring and, in many ways, they have made the orchard complete, as if they were always meant to be there.


Challenges are still arising as we move into the final stages of completion, but to go and sit within the orchard, by the yurts and the overlooking the beautiful countryside, we can’t help but feel excited about the future and the launch of The Orchard Retreat in just a few weeks.  Looking forward to seeing you all here soon, so you too can enjoy its beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Welcoming the Yurts

  • Jenny
    on 18th April 2014

    Looks lovely. Only downside Im looking for my ideal runaway retreat for next weekend so Im too early I suspect. Best joyful wishes.

    • Vicky
      on 21st April 2014

      Thank you Jenny, what a shame to miss you this time, but hope to see you here sometime in the not to distant future.

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