What is Glamping?

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What is Glamping?

Glamping is the wonderful merge between all the fun of camping in nature and all the comforts of modern luxury. It gives you the opportunity to experience all the thrill and fun and escapism of traditional camping, without having to let go of your creature comforts.

Glamping Origins

Glamping was originally a term used to describe glamorous camping. Created in 2005 and added to the Oxford English dictionary in 2006. As the name suggests, Glamping, the combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping,” offers a much more advanced and even luxurious camping experience.

The word itself may be relatively new, but the concept of Glamping (luxury camping) has actually been around for hundreds of years. When Kings Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France met for the diplomatic summit known as the Field of the Cloth of Gold in 1520, there were 2,800 tents set up in northern France.

The tradition became more common in the early 1900s, when it became fashionable for rich American and European travelers to go on safari in Africa.

Modern Approach

These days, Glamping offers myriad different options to suit any traveler’s taste and budget. For those who love the great outdoors, but prefer not to give up all the comforts of home or hotels, but don’t exactly wish to rough it in the wild. Glamping brings concepts such as tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks to the next level, offering a boutique experience in the great outdoors.

As the industry erupted and lots of other new unique places to stay popped up – the term became the go to word for somewhere a bit different to stay. Glamping now includes cabins and treehouses, pods and roundhouses. From Glamping tents and tipis to cabins, yurts, and treehouses, there are dozens of types of accommodations available for those seeking a mixture of rustic luxury and unspoiled nature. Imagine a luxury tent with a real bed, a warming fire, comfy furniture and maybe even a private toilet. Everything is possible!


And best of all, a Glamping trip tends to be eco-friendly, compared to traditional hotel-based holidays. Glamping sites are generally managed by people who have an appreciation for the outdoors and the environment, and many are set up with sustainability as a key part of their ethos. It’ll also bring you closer to the natural world, and to have experiences outdoors that you might otherwise not have enjoyed.

Advantages of Glamping:

below are just some of the advantages of Glamping…

Pack Less

Glamping takes the hassle out of camping. No equipment to lug around, everything is set up ready for your arrival. There’s a much shorter packing list than when you go on a traditional tent camping trip that requires all of the gear. Usually linen and towels are supplied free of charge, so all you need to bring is yourself, and some food and drink.

Creature Comforts

Accommodation often features heating, actual beds rather than a sleeping mats and bags, a fully equipped kitchen and proper bathroom facilities. Facilities will differ for each, so be sure to find out what is included before you set off.

More Space

Unlike staying in a hotel or a B&B, glamping offers children the chance to run wild, and make the most of the outdoor space. There are less rules and generally a more laid-back atmosphere. If you’re going on a family holiday, going glamping beats staying in a hotel every day of the week.

Closer to Nature

Instead of waking up and stepping out of your house into your normal daily routine, you can wake up and step outside of your yurt or unique accommodation, into your own private natural retreat. Fresh air and absolute leisure…what more could you ask for?



An Experience for All to Enjoy!

Glamping is the perfect option for people who love being in nature and experiencing the joys of the great outdoors. It’s also the perfect option for people who love little luxuries. Glamping is a great experience that everybody should try at least once. Whether you are a big fan of camping, or you prefer luxury hotels, glamping is the perfect match. Glamping brings you the beauty of nature, while not having to worry about amenities or gear.

If you’re looking for somewhere where you can take a step back from your busy life and relax, or simply enjoy exploring the outdoors, then you’ll more than likely enjoy glamping. It’s a great way to get back to nature and appreciate its beauty.

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